Are web sites still relevant in a Facebook and Twitter world?

One of my companies, Compass Consulting Service constructs and maintains web sites for small businesses, primarily in Indiana.  Nothing complicated here.  Today everyone in business should have a presence on the world wide web.  But how are we communicating with customers, and prospects today?  I’m not talking about media advertising which is still a vitally important piece of the marketing puzzle, but how are we communicating outside of regular media ads?  Email?  Newsletters?  E-Newletters, web sites?  They’re all important, but today I am seeing an increasing number of folks moving their communication to Facebook and other social media players, but primarily Facebook.

I do have a Facebook page with many friends, but I don’t access it all that much.  I’m still in the process of figuring it out.  If you’ve read this, I’d like to hear your thoughts. 


About radio50000watts

I am semi-retired in the field of radio station management, but am still active in sales and sales management at Spirit 95 (WVNI) in Bloomington, IN. I also an owner of Compass Indiana, LLC, a web site development company.
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