Here it is the …

Here it is the eve of a new year, 2012.  To update my post from last March, God did indeed open a door for Compass Consulting Service.  I accepted a position as manager of Spirit 95 (WVNI) and My Joy 88.9 (WMYJ) radio stations in Bloomington, Indiana.  Spirit 95 plays Today’s Christian Music, while My Joy features Solid Gospel.  It’s not been easy, as I knew no one in Bloomington, and the small staff at Spirit/My Joy had some issues.  We’re working through those issues, and I am expecting a good year in 2012, God Willing.  Note: The toughest part of this assignment is the 50-mile one-way commute from my home to Bloomington.

Let’s hope that we can solve our horrendous economic problems.  We need a new president, that’s for sure. 


About radio50000watts

I am semi-retired in the field of radio station management, but am still active in sales and sales management at Spirit 95 (WVNI) in Bloomington, IN. I also an owner of Compass Indiana, LLC, a web site development company.
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