Ah, retirement!

Well, it finally happened.  My wife and I both turned 65.  Welcome to Medicare, right?  And in our case, welcome to Social Security.  I could have waited another year, but the small increase in SS’s monthly payout really wasn’t all that much, and we wanted to have more freedom.  I have been doing a one-hour one-way commute for the past 2+ years.  Since I haven’t completely retired from my post at Spirit 95 Radio, I still drive down there 2-3 days a week, but can easily do most other tasks related to my job there at my home office-where I am right now.

This whole idea hasn’t really kicked in yet, but having paid off our house earlier this week, it feels really good to be debt-free.  I recommend it to everyone.  So what to do with time on my hands, beside writing blogs…

More travel, work on developing more web sites for new customers, continue to work part-time, and give my wife a hard time when we’re both home during the week. (not really!)  She of course has other ideas, like removing wallpaper, repainting rooms, checking out books to read from the library (or on Kindle).  Seriously, we both expect to be involved as we have been, in our church’s activities, I hope to take another short-term mission trip somewhere, get back into Rotary and other community volunteer activities.  And “baby-sitting” our grand kids.  I think we’ll have plenty to do.


About radio50000watts

I am semi-retired in the field of radio station management, but am still active in sales and sales management at Spirit 95 (WVNI) in Bloomington, IN. I also an owner of Compass Indiana, LLC, a web site development company.
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